Gold Max Pink 450mg (10 Capsules)


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Gold Max Pink

Developed for female sexual arousal, Gold Max Capsules for women are one of the most convenient natural options around. These capsules can also help to increase orgasm strength and sexual stamina thanks to ingredients like Panax or Siberian Ginseng and Radix Angelicae Sinensis. Simply take 1 easy-to swallow capsules 45 minutes before sexual activities.
Supports female sex drive naturally
Can also increase orgasm strength
Made from 100% natural ingredients
Discreet, convenient and easy-to-swallow

Gold Max Capsules for women is trusted by women around the world who want to dodge aggressive drugs to boost their sexual arousal. These capsules can increase blood flow to sexual organs while stimulating your brain too.​
•Ginseng: 115.0 mg •Cistanche deserticol: 85.0 mg •Kacip Fatimah: 50.0 mg •Rhodiola Rosea: 18.0 mg •Chinesse Angelica: 88.0 mg •Wolfberry: 60.4 mg •Radlix Astragali: 33.6 gm •Total: 450.0 mg

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